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With clinical safety at the forefront of all treatments, we participate in regular training and continuing professional development to stay up to date with operating standards, industry innovations, and current trends and techniques for age preventative treatments.




These treatments prevent muscles forming lines on the surface of your skin. The required amount is completely dependent on individual patient needs and desired outcomes. The longevity of your results are determined by a range of factors including skin type, age and aftercare. We recommend repeating treatments every 3-4 months to maintain optimal results.

Wrinkle Sprinkle
Perfect for first-timers or as a top-up treatment, Nurse Eleanor will work with you to decide
which areas need just a little attention, and then get to work with a sprinkle of wrinkle- reduction treatment on your forehead, crows feet and/or frown lines.

Wrinkle Reduction
Targeted treatment to treat deep lines and wrinkles on the forehead, crows feet and/or frown lines.

Masseter Treatment
This treatment is perfect for those suffering from Bruxism or ‘jaw clenching’. Treatment is performed on the muscle at the jaw to prevent or reduce the clenching effect, offering relief from associated migraines, tension headaches, teeth grinding and clenching.

Frown Lines (Glabella)
AKA the 11 Lines in between your eyebrows. This treatment reduces the depth and severity of these frown lines.

Crows Feet
Treatment is performed at the outer edges of your eye to reduce wrinkles and lines around and under the eyes.

Reduces the lines and creases on the forehead and is especially effective when used in conjunction with a Brow Lift (see below).

Brow Lift

Adds ‘openness’ and gives a fresh and youthful appearance by elevating the brows.

Lip Flip
Used to enhance lip shape and volume by reducing movement in the muscle that pulls the lip ‘up and under’ when we smile.

Chin Dimpling
Also known as ‘orange peel skin’, this treatment reduces dimpling in the chin caused by the mentalis muscle pulling on the skin surface.

Hayfever Treatment
Using the same formula as wrinkle-reduction treatments, this service is administered via nasal spray and works to reduce the effects of seasonal hayfever through minimising your body’s response to allergens such as pollen.



Product is used to restore volume loss, add contour and improve the overall aesthetic of the face to create a fresh, youthful appearance. Volumising products are made from a gel like substance that naturally occurs in our body. The longevity of treatment depends on the area treated, the type of product used and individual patient circumstances.

Lips To Love (6-12 months)
Volumize the lip, restore hydration and smooth fine lines around the lip border.

Cheeks (12-24 months)
Improve heaviness around the lower face, mouth and nasolabial folds or create an instant contour on the cheek bone.

Marionette Lines (12-18 months)
Volumizing treatment is performed on the lines that form at the corner of the mouth down to the chin. This treatment is usually performed in conjunction with Cheeks to first create a ‘structural lift’ in the upper face, before treating the lower face.

Chin (12-18 months)
Volumizing treatment given to the chin can create projection and elongate your jawline.

Jawline (12-18 months)
Treatment creates length and projection to the lower face and is often implemented in conjunction with treatment to the Chin.



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A revolutionary 'beneath the skin' moisturising treatment that stimulates activity on the dermal cells. This treatment boosts and hydrates the skin and results in significant deep tissue improvement that has a significant tightening and lifting effect on the tissue. This treatment can be used on Face or the Neck area and is suitable for both men and women of all ages.


Skin Boosters
Skin Boosters replace the body’s lost volume and rejuvenate the skin from the inside. Restoring hydration, texture, and elasticity to the skin, Skin Boosters create a youthful lustre and glow with minimal downtime and instant results. We recommend 2 – 3 sessions to achieve optimum results.


Vitamin B-12
A Vitamin B injection can be added to any existing service and can help improve your general health and well-being, including your sleep quality, energy levels, immunity, weight- management, mood and brain function.

Skin Needling
A Medical Grade Micro-needling device is used as a form of Collagen Induction Therapy.
This treatment uses tiny needles rapidly injected into the skin to stimulate the body’s natural
wound healing response and can reduce pore size, scarring and the appearance of fine lines,
improve skin tone and texture, and minimize pigmentation.
$300 per session / $700 for three sessions

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